Images of Weld Fixtures — Weld Fixture Design 101

Here are some images of weld fixtures we have designed recently. Also, at the end, is a new kind of bike to ride the Rails before they become trails. Enjoy.







Three parts are welded together in this small weld jig.


Top view, same fixture.







The CNC leaves an interesting pattern on this weldment.  It looks wavy, but is very smooth.




Small Weld Fixture using Goal Posts.








Robotic Weld Cell Fixture that rotates.















You can see all the  RAPid Tooling Components(TM) in this fixture.


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Now, I would like to share this, a fun and inspiring post sent from one of our  followers:

The unstoppable passion

3D Solid model

Fwd View 3D Concept model

Fork Assembly in Weld Jig

‘Til next time…

The Queen of Lean Machine Design

How to Keep Your Business Alive, Without Spending a Dime

Rentapen Inc., A Weld Tooling Company, Continues To Grow Through Constant Learning

Businesses must enhance a culture of constant learning in order to survive and thrive. For example: Rentapen Inc., located in Waukesha, WI is a machine design company that has emphasized learning in their culture statement. Rentapen has thrived during these poor economic times by embracing their culture to learn more everyday.

According to the article entitled Four Ways to Keep Education Alive and Profitable, by Jay Forte, there are four ways that a business can keep education alive in the workforce that doesn’t cost a dime. (

First, is mentoring and buddy-up. Rentapen’s employees all have a mentor to go to for inspiration, questions, second opinions, etc. For example, Rentapen’s design engineering team all work together in order to get their customer’s 3D designs done more efficiently. Senior Design Engineer, Chris Doll, is always there to answer any questions or concerns that any of the fellow CAD Drafters might have. Also, Blake Peterson, Design Engineering Manager is there to help manage the team, stay organized with all design work, and follows up with all new and existing customers.

Second, is apprentice or internship. Rentapen is involved with WCTC’s Internship Program, which is an opportunity for companies to hire students for a period of time in order for the students to gain more workforce experience. Last year Rentapen took on two interns. Peter Christiansen, who was Rentapen’s IT Programmer Intern, and Kory Maier, the CAD Drafter Intern.
Both interns were hired as full time employees by the end of 2011.

Third, is “Blogucation.” Rentapen’s President and Queen of Lean Machine, Susan Straley, has created a Blog informing the world on Weld Fixture Design. The Weld Fixture Blog teaches beginning machine designers and CAD drafters about weld fixture design. The Weld Fixture Design Blog also demonstrates how to use Rentapen’s standardized yet versatile RAPid Tooling Components™.

Finally, is a fast-track training program. Rentapen offers many resources for all the different departments in the company, in order for employees to gain more knowledge while they work. For instance: the internet, textbooks, and other team members are all accessible at Rentapen Inc. These resources help Rentapen’s employees learn faster and more efficiently.

Rentapen provides jobs, training, and opportunities for people who work together to help manufacturers reduce costs of tooling to make their products. “It is only with the dedication to efficiency, excellence, and customer service by every team member can we retain our customers and fulfill our mission,” said Straley.