Precision Fixtures with RAPid Blocks™

The videos and slide shows below will show you Why and When you would design in adjustability with precision shims in our product holding jigs and fixtures.

The videos demonstrate the use of RAPid Blocks™ RB00 and RB02.  These blocks have many uses in weld fixtures and other product part holding machines.  They are often used for precision adjustment of locating pins in a fixture as demonstrated below.

In this video, George Straley, Founder Rentapen, explains, “Why use adjustment shims in your weld fixture designs?”

Watch the video below to see how to use RAPid Blocks™ RB00 and RB02 with a locating pin to precisely locate product parts in a fixture.

The PDF’s below show the the 32 different footprints you can create with versatility of RB00 and RB02.

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