Rentapen’s Team


We are all growing and learning together at Rentapen.  Constantly improving ourselves and our processes.

Brion Briski

General Manager

Brion Briski

Brion quotes the machine tool fixture design and build projects, oversees that designs are done to the customers’ standards, that communication keeps flowing and he guides the projects for quality and on-time delivery.  He comes to Rentapen with years of Manufacturing Management and fabrication experience, providing continuous improvement, leadership, and people skills.

Chief Engineer
Kahn of CAD

Chris Doll

Chris has been designing tooling at Rentapen for over 8 years. He concepts the machine tool designs, and trains and guides the interns and CAD Drafters. He is the master of our Pro/E and CREO mapkeys (short cuts). He holds a Masters in Engineering from UW Milwaukee

CNC & Laser Cutting

John Dinon

Operates CNC Machine in order to create Rentapen’s
RAPid Blocks, Plates, and Risers. John also creates custom products for our

Administrative Specialist / Manufacturing coordinator

Kristin Sammons

Responsible for: Bookkeeper, Quoting, and Human Resource functions

CAD Designer

Paul Reagles

Paul uses ProE and Solidworks to design Weld Fixtures.
When he is not designing, he can be seen racing at Slinger Speedway and Jefferson Speedway.

IT Programmer / Analyst

Steve Guttormsen

Steve is in charge of Information Technology and Web Development. He also helps create custom drawings for RAPid Shims and shim packs from customer specifications and oversees the smooth running of all our computer programs and systems.


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