Weld Fixture Specialists

Rentapen is dedicated to reducing costs in Weld Fixtures for manufacturers. Our TEAM provides manufacturers:

Order FREE 3D CAD Models of our RAPid Tooling Components™ and place them in your designs. Start saving today!

Weld Jig Tooling Design and Build
Experience, Excellence, Efficiency
We use Pro/E and SolidWorks


Weld Tooling Blocks, Plates & Clamp Risers, save you TIME and MONEY!


Custom Shims cut & packed to order. Precision, NAAMS, Die Sharpening
Steel & Stainless Steel.


Weld Fixture Specialists

  • You can relax knowing your project is in expert hands at Rentapen.
  • You can relax knowing that we will follow YOUR companies standards.
  • You can relax because we keep you posted on our progress, send you images, and you can make adjustments to the design along the way.
  • You can relax because we make it EASY for you with our:


  • Modular design approach taken
  • Precision adjustment shim designed into fixtures used to create consistent parts that meet YOUR product tolerance specifications.
  • Change-over capability so that you weld similar parts in the same fixture with a quick change over.

We will meet with you at your place or ours or via the virtual world.Weld Fixture News

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