Rentapen is the US Leader in machine design and tooling components. We earn our customer’s enthusiasm because we enjoy the opportunity to provide efficiency by design, expertise, and convenient service.


Rentapen is in the business of satisfying our customers’ need to reduce costs. It is only with the dedication to efficiency, excellence, and customer service by every team member can we retain our customers and fulfill our mission.
“None of us is as important as all of us.” Ray Kroc founder of McDonalds


Rentapen provides jobs, training and opportunities for people who work together to help manufacturers reduce the costs of tooling to make their products.  Rentapen reduces costs for its customers in three ways:

  • Excellence in Machine Design & Build using systems and methods that reduce time and errors;
  • Standardized yet versatile Rapid Tooling Components™;
  • RAPid Shims™,  Rentapen is the Shim King.

We always aim for perfection to attain excellence in all that we do.


Rentapen designs machines used in production utilizing 3D solid modeling.  We have been designing machines since 1976.  We specialize in tooling fixtures that hold the customers parts together while they are manually or robotically assembled or welded.

Our skilled engineers discovered they were designing the same blocks, plates, shims and clamp risers over and over again.  Rapid Tooling Components™ are an extension of our mission to save manufacturers costs.  These standardized yet versatile components can save hundreds of dollars per fixture.  RTC saves engineering time and build time. That results in big saving for our customers.  Our team members work to fill orders accurately and on time.

Rentapen is the Shim King. We save manufacturers time and money with RAPid Shims™. We sell hundreds of thousands of shims each year.  Rentapen’s custom and standard steel shims include fine adjustment shims, die sharpening shims, NAAMS shapes, steel and stainless steel shims and custom shim packs.


To achieve our goals and maintain our vision we hire and retain the best the and brightest that fit our culture. See Rentapen’s Culture Statement.

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