“I received my shims yesterday and they turned out great! Thank you for your help with the fast turnaround on such a short lead time.”

Justin Smith
Manufacturing Solutions

I’m so glad Eric Wagner at EL Simith told us about the shim packs. We love those things. Saves us tons of time…. you have all the right to brag about your business, I would.

Tom Crook

Tool & Die Supervisor, Orchid Monroe, Madison, WI.


I use RENTAPEN on a regular basis for my 3D assembly tooling and weld fixture design needs. They have the experience to take a rough idea and brainstorm (with your input), concept and complete a design that works the way I need it.


RENTAPEN will design and build a simple fixture for my low volume needs or will design a complex automated fixture with complete adjustability, proximity sensors, power clamps, rough locators etc. for my high volume needs. Their 3D models allow us to simulate load, assembly, unload and debug the fixtures before we build anything.


To keep my costs down I use RENTAPEN’s low cost RTC BLOCKS and SHIMS because they are standard components that can be ordered in many sizes. These BLOCKS and SHIMS replace many expensive custom manufactured parts in my fixtures at low purchase part prices and I do not get better delivery times from anyone.


I know this sounds like RENTAPEN wrote this and posted on their website but they didn’t. I stand by every word I say.

John Richmond

Tool Design Engineer for a major American Turf and Utility Vehicle manufacturer



Rentapens design team has done several jobs for us over the years. They design their tools so they are easy to manufacture as well as maintain when parts wear out. They are at the top of my list when I need tool design assistance.

Jamie Boone
Senior Tool Design Eng.



We have adopted the RAPid Tooling Components to design and build with because of the flexibility, durability and extreme repeatability that they allow us to have in the areas that require quick accurate dial-in. We have had great success with delivery, quality and overall customer communication. We push to have our customers allow us to use these products over NAAMS because of the ability to customize the shim packs. This allows us to build a smaller yet very durable package.

Don Stabenow
Tooling Manager
Genesis Systems Group
Genesis Dimensional & Tooling Solutions
Davenport, IA

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