Growing Machine Design Engineers

Rentapen uses 3 methods for training new Machine Design Engineers

1. Weld Fixture Design 101 An educational blog that informs the audience first how to design a simple part-holding fixture.  And gives practical machine design and drafting pointers for CAD Drafters.

2. Recruiting interns. Rentapen inspires and guides student-trainees for the potential workforce. Interns get real job experience, CAD modeling, detailing, and production part-holding machine design.

3. Educational videos. We create videos for new interns and designers to learn about our systems and shortcuts for common tasks. For example here is a video regarding how to put parameters into a step file using Pro/E Wildfire 4.0.

Rentapen is Growing Machine Design Engineers . We are constantly developing systems and methods for training new Machine Design Engineers and we continue. Get in on the ground floor and grow with us. If you have taken a few classes in Pro/E and are interested in Machine Design we can take you to the next level. You will learn a lot and get experience modeling and detailing real fixtures. Send your cover letter and resume to We keep the best and the brightest!

Rentapen is a comfortable and enjoyable place to work. We have flexible hours, casual dress code, and open exchange of ideas.

Our culture supports A Positive Attitude, Integrity, Ownership, Drive, Joy, Willingness to Speak Up and Open to Change.

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