Zero Defect Engineering Process™

1. Rentapen holds a discussion with customer about the job. Ask questions. For example: Do you need manual or pneumatic clamps? If it is a new customer we will ask what preferred vendor do they use? What kind of finish do they want on the machine parts that are touching the product? (Heat treated, Black Oxide, Rc 55-57)

2. Rentapen starts the design

3. Preliminary design review

4. We use our start parts and drawings with designated standards

5. Model up using 3D Models using the specified standards and Rentapen’s custom developed add-on software that speeds up CAD design process and reduces errors

6. Modeled design is reviewed with customer and specified changes might occur if needed

7. Design is completed with holes, shims and fasteners (if required)

8. Interference check

9. If on a trunnion, then balance check

10. Detail parts and assemblies using Rentapen’s custom developed add-on software

11. Checked over by CAD Drafter then checked by Chief Engineer or Design Engineering Manager.

12. Checker changes made

13. Back check (verify that the checker changes have been made correctly)

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