Is Your Company Accepting the Generation Differences in the Workplace?

Rentapen’s weld fixture design team consists of all different age groups that learn from each other.

Rentapen Inc.’s Marketing Assistant, Bethany Kratz attended The Young Professionals luncheon held by the Waukesha Business Alliance, on January 11, 2012. The featured topic was generation differences in the workforce and how to mend the gap. There are four different generations working in the same workplace today: the veterans, baby boomers, generation x, and millennials.

Many companies are now facing conflicts in workplace due to the generation differences. According to the FDU Magazine Online, “Generational differences can affect everything, including recruiting, building teams, dealing with change, motivating, managing, and maintaining and increasing productivity.”

Rentapen Inc. located in Waukesha, WI has employees in all different generations working at the same location. Rentapen has been expanding their team since April 2011. Rentapen has employees from ages 64 all the way down to 23.

“Every generation has different experiences and knowledge that can contribute to their workplace. It’s your own willingness to want to learn more everyday from your colleagues that will minimize the conflict and help your company grow, like Rentapen,” said Blake Peterson, Engineering Manager at Rentapen Inc.

Rentapen is one company that does not face conflicts with generation differences because Rentapen believes in hiring people that fit with Rentapen’s culture and not what their age is.

“Everyone here at Rentapen has good communication skills and shows respect to one another,” said Susan Straley, Queen of Lean Machine Design and President at Rentapen.

Rentapen’s mission is to provide jobs, training, and opportunities for people who work together to help manufacturers reduce the costs of tooling to make their product. Rentapen reduces costs for its customers in three ways: first is excellence in machine design using systems and methods that reduce time and errors; second is the standardized yet versatile RAPid Tooling Components™; and third is the Just-In-Time Laser Cutting Services™.

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