Local Race Car Driver Gets Sponsorship From The Weld Fixture Specialist.

Rentapen Inc., of Waukesha, WI, a 3D design services company and tooling components manufacturer sponsors a race car at Slinger Speedway in Slinger, Wisconsin.

On April 27, 2013 Slinger Speedway opened up their gates and let the fans come in for the first race of the season.  Paul Reagles is one of the drivers that you can see speeding around the track at around 70 miles per hour.  When Paul isn’t racing he is attending Waukesha County Technical College for a degree in Mechanical Design/Engineering.  Paul also works part time as an intern at Rentapen Inc.

Reagles is a Mechanical Design and Draft Intern at Rentapen Inc; he started in February 2013.  His main duties are to use sketches and instructions from the designer to create assemblies in Solidworks and Pro/Engineer.  Rentapen Inc. specializes in building and designing weld fixtures for companies within the manufacturing industry.  Reagles is one of three interns that Rentapen Inc currently employees.

Paul and Car

Slinger Speedway opened in 1948, and the speedway has been a popular track for racing legends and stars such as Dale Earnhardt, Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, Rich Bickle, and Rusty Wallace.  Slinger is known as the World’s Fastest Quarter Mile Oval track and is now celebrating its 65th year of motorsports.

“I couldn’t wait for the new race season to start; I was so excited to try out my new racecar. I really appreciate all the help and support I received from Rentapen along with all my other sponsors.” said Paul Reagles

Realges races in the Slinger Bee Class which is made up of 4 cylinder front wheel drive cars.  He will be racing in a different car than last year, but he will remain in the same class.  Reagles will race a blue and black 1995 Ford Escort GT with a total of 13 sponsors, including Rentapen Inc.

Paul Reagles

“Paul is learning fast about Pro/E, CAD and machine design.  He knows how to remain alert to changes and how to pay attention just like he has to do while racing his car on the track.” said President Susan Straley


Rentapen’s main specialty is weld fixture design. They can design a manual or robotic welding fixtures based on the customer’s needs. Rentapen Inc. helps manufacturers that have parts that need to be welded together during production, for example, automotive, agricultural, or recreational vehicles.

Rentapen Inc., is the weld fixture specialist, and is home of RAPid Tooling Components. Rentapen Inc. has been providing machine tool design services to manufactures since 1976.  Rentapen is a Certified Woman Owned Business and owner of RAPid Tooling Components™. For more information about Rentapen Inc., please call 262-542-8891.