How To Order 3D Models

  • Go to Rentapen’s website and click on the tab that says Order 3D Models.
  • Select the blocks, shims, clamp risers, or plates that you need, then select units.
  • Click on the style of product that you are looking for; configure your dimensions for the product. Add to cart; view your cart to make sure your product is correct. If you need to continue shopping click Main Menu or click Order File.
  • If you have not created a user name or password you need to create one or continue with your existing login information. Once you have logged in you can click Order File.
  • (For new users you will be asked to fill out your company’s information. Then click Remember Me.)

  • Once you have created a user account then click order file again.
  • Chose your model type. Files can come in a wide variety of file forms including: STEP AP214, STEP AP203, IGES, PARASOLID, PARASOLID BINARY, ACIS, VDAFS, VRML, STL, UNVERSIAL 3D, CATIA, AND JPEG.  Confirm your user information, click Order Model.
  • Finally, you will receive your 3D Models that you ordered in your email inbox. Then you can save it to your CAD library.



    Click for a printable pdf. of instructions

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