Local Weld Fixture Company Increased Sales By 10% In The Past Two Months

Rentapen Inc., located in Waukesha, Wisconsin has grown their company and gained new customers through design and build of weld fixtures and manufacture of tooling components.

Rentapen Inc. helps manufacturers tool up their factories to produce new products by designing and building weld fixtures.  These small to medium sized weld fixtures hold the manufacturers product parts in just the precise location so it can be welded together and then fit with all the other parts in their tractor, mower, motorcycle or other product.

Rentapen, has been staying busy in design and build work and in their factory.  In June, Rentapen received work from a large world known manufacturer for design and build jobs for a few weld fixtures.


Rentapen’s design engineering team just finished design work for one of their long time customers, Genesis Systems.

Rentapen also have been staying busy in their factory. Their continuous jobs that come in every week, has made Rentapen add second shifts for employees that work on the CNC and laser cutting machine. Rentapen’s factory or machine shop is where they produce their line of standardized yet versatile line of tooling components known as RAPid Tooling Component™ .

RAPid Tooling Components™ are designed to save manufacturers time and money in their fixtures.  The line of components consists of blocks, plates, clamp risers and shims.

“Our laser has been cutting custom and standard shims steadily. Our shop team works hard to put out an amazing product that arrives on time and error free,” said Susan Straley, President of Rentapen Inc.

Rentapen cuts precision metal shims in large and small quantities. “If someone wants to buy one shim, we will do it for them,” said Straley.

Rentapen’s weld fixture designs end up costing less to build because they integrate these standardized, purchased components wherever it makes sense to do so.

“Sales of our RAPid Tooling Components™ are growing so much this year it might out-pace out engineering and design of weld fixtures,” said Straley.

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About rentapen

Susan Straley, aka Queen of Lean Machine Design, is the President of Rentapen Inc. in Waukesha, WI. She helps manufacturers reduce costs through excellence in 3d desing services, RAPid Tooling Components(TM), and Just-in-Time Laser Cutting Services(TM). Susan can be reached directly at 262-542-8891.

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