Weld Fixture Manufacturing Company Becomes State Certified Woman-Owned Business

Rentapen Inc., the weld fixture specialist has been acknowledged for becoming a certified Woman-Owned Business.

On June 6th 2012, Rentapen Inc. received certification as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) through the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration. The designation is pursuant to the state administrative rule requirements of Adm.83 which provides validation that Rentapen Inc. met requirements of being at least 51% woman-owned, controlled, and managed. It qualifies Rentapen to be considered for contracts with corporations and government entities that seek vendor relationships with businesses owned and operated by women.

Susan Straley is the President and Queen of Lean Machine Design of Rentapen Inc. She took over ownership in April 2011. Since then, Rentapen has added new employees, a new website, and new customers. Straley directs the marketing effort for Rentapen and works with her team to plan and strategize for Rentapen’s future. Since becoming President she has instituted process improvements and over-seen the revamping of the website.

Susan Straley, President of Rentapen Inc.

Rentapen was established in 1976 under the name Straley Services. Rentapen specializes in reducing costs in weld fixtures for manufacturers. Rentapen’s team offers manufacturers excellence in 3D design and build, RAPid Tooling Components™ and RAPid Shims™. Constantly innovating to better serve their customers, in March Rentapen launched a new service on their website that allows machine designers to order 3D models of parts from Rentapen’s RAPid Tooling Components™ line.

“Our mission is to grow so we can provide more jobs, training, and opportunities to people in our community. This Wisconsin WBE certification will allow us to serve manufacturers that have government contracts,” said Susan Straley.

According to openforum.com, “Federal law mandates that the government allocate 23 percent of its contracting work to small businesses. Of this portion, 5 percent is meant for businesses with economically or socially disadvantaged owners. These are essentially minority-owned businesses.
WBE are a minority in the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors.

Rentapen’s vision is to become the US Leader in machine design and tooling components. They earn their customer’s enthusiasm because they enjoy the opportunity to provide efficiency by design, expertise, and convenient service.

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About rentapen

Susan Straley, aka Queen of Lean Machine Design, is the President of Rentapen Inc. in Waukesha, WI. She helps manufacturers reduce costs through excellence in 3d desing services, RAPid Tooling Components(TM), and Just-in-Time Laser Cutting Services(TM). Susan can be reached directly at 262-542-8891.

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