Weld Fixture RAPid Plates™

RAPid Plates™ are used in a variety of ways in a weld or assembly fixture. There are FIVE types of plates. The RP00 is mostly used when a designer wants all parts to be mounted from above the base plate, making it easier to access fasteners to remove the fixture parts if needed in the future.

RAPid Plates™ RP02, RP03, RP04 & RP05 are plates that help locate the product in a fixture. They can be used as stop plates, goal posts for round or square product parts, or rough locating guides. A rough locating guide will get the part close to where it needs to be in a fixture so another locating part such as a pin can be used to locate a hole in the product part. A rough locating devise can speed up the production process by guiding the product part into the fixture.

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How To Use RAPid Plates™

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