Weld Fixture RAPid Blocks™

RAPid Blocks™ are standard yet versatile parts that are used with locating pins, rest pads, jig feet, and other parts in a weld fixture. RAPid Blocks™ can be ordered with different hole configurations such as tapped holes, drilled and counter bored holes, press fit dowels, or slip fit dowels. When RAPid Blocks™ are counter bored, the counter bore is on both sides of the block. The designer can then flip the block around to meet different needs and spacing constraints.

RAPid Blocks™ can have holes in both ends of the block or only one end. A RAPid Block™ with holes in only one end leaves room for the Machine Designer to modify or customize the end of the block without holes. Often times Designers will mount a flat foot, rest pad, RAPid Plate™, or pin in the end without a hole.

Easy to design into a weld fixture, RAPid Blocks™ are also easy to assemble once they arrive at the shop. A drill point on the face of a block indicates that the dowel holes are slip fit. A face without a drill point indicates that the dowel hole is a press fit. This helps the machine assembler as they put the weld fixture together.

Watch some videos to learn more about how RAPid Blocks™ are used with Precision Adjustment Shims to fine-tune product location when testing out a product-part-holding machine.

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There are 32 Different Configuration Possibilities with RB00 & RB02 Blocks to meet the different spacing constraints in your designs.

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