Die Sharpening Shims

When a cutting die is used, it becomes dull.  Routine maintenance to sharpen the die will grind off a small amount off the face of the cutting surface.  To keep the cutting surface at the same location in the die press, a shim or shims are placed behind the die.  Rentapen’s shims are made to order, precision shim stock, 300 series stainless or 1010 full hard mild steel.

•Custom laser-cut to order

•No minimum quantity, you can order one shim at a time

•Rentapen has 8 standard thickness choices:

 (.125mm, .25mm, .5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, .015”, .031” and .062”)

• But you can get as thin as .001” (.02mm) up to .078” (2.0mm)

•150 watt Kern Laser

• Table Size: 52” by 50”

•Stainless steel and 1010 Full Hard Mild Steel

•Made in Waukesha, Wisconsin U.S.A

•AutoCAD 2000, DWG or DXF files accepted and preferred.

We will draw it up for you from a pencil sketch for a small fee. A PDF with dimensions also accepted with additional cost

•For quicker turn around and cutting accuracy include:

•Just give us — All dimensions, Thicknesses, Quantity for each thickness, Material preferred

•FOR A QUOTE: Send email to sales@rentapen.com

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