Rentapen Sponsors Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Fundraiser

In the summer of 2013, Rentapen helped raise funds through two fundraising events and a website.


Jeremy Dickinson shown with his family.

Jeremy Dickinson shown with his family.


Jeremy is a U.S. veteran, father, husband and former CNC operator and laser cutting machine operator.  He did assembly of our steel shim packs, and provided customer service to our RAPid Tooling Components customers.

In September 2012 he got a leg cramp that wouldn’t go away and that started his journey into discovering he had a debilitating degenerative neuro-muscular disease called Mitochondrial Disease.


Jeremy was facing a slow decline in function and an increase in pain.  On bad days, Jeremy was barely able to speak or lift an arm.  He needed help dressing and bathing.

Then a gift of a massage appointment was canceled and subsequently brought him to an Acupuncturist who also practices a newer technique that has been shown to work miraculously in some chronic pain patients.

Learn more about the treatment.

If that web link doesn’t work.  Look on Youtube videos on Neurologic Relief Center.  Called NRC treatment it is often used to help victims of Fibromialgia.   Jeremy is getting his treatments from Dr. Ward at the Chinese Medical Center in Waukesha.

With the first treatment, Jeremy had a slight reduction in pain.  At the second treatment, Jeremy was able to use his walker to get from the office to the car.  On the third treatment, Jeremy was able to walk from the disabled parking spot into Walmart’s doors to the motorized chairs with only using his wife’s shoulder for balance!  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMENT!

Though the first improvements only last a few hours, with each treatment the improvements last longer, now lasting several weeks.  Jeremy reported in September that he was able to walk around the block without a walker!  Though he is sore and tired, he is off the daily morphine.

Rentapen co-sponsored the events to raise awareness of Mito-disease and raise funds for Jeremy’s alternative treatments that are not covered by insurance.

You can’t attend an event, you can still help!

Give $3 or $30 or $300. Donate today and help this family deal with the financial burden of this devastating illness.

Read Jeremy’s article in the Waukesha Freeman.

Write a check! A friend has set up an account at Waukesha State Bank. Write check to the “Jeremy Dickinson Fund” and mail to:

Waukesha State Bank
PO Box 648
Waukesha, WI 53187-0648



Watch the video to see Jeremy talking about living with his Disease.


Jeremy Dickinson helped grow Rentapen, and worked as a Team Member for 8 years. He left the company in 2012 and he returned to school to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. But strange symptoms began to plague him. Muscle cramps and muscle twitching, numbness in his feet and hands, pain when exercising.

In the fall of 2012 he was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. Since he is no longer ABLE to work or attend school, he is no longer eligible for unemployment assistance.

He needs help and hope. Watch the video to learn more how the illness has impacted him and his family and how the fundraisers might help ease the burden of this illness on him and his family.


Two days after this video was taped, Jeremy was taken to the emergency room.  Unable to speak, too weak to use his walker or stand from wheelchair to bed.  Blood pressure was 253.  After 3 shots of morphine he was able to use his walker and talk clearly and was taken back home.

Please give.  DONATE TODAY!