Weld Fixture Specialists Offers New Products to Manufacturers.

Rentapen Inc. Listens to Customers, Makes Alterations To Product Line And Creates Four New RAPid Blocks™

On June 21, 2013 Rentapen Inc. added four New RAPid Blocks™ to their collection of six RAPid Blocks™.  Rentapen Inc., located in Waukesha, WI, first developed RAPid Tooling Components™ in the year 2002.

The RAPid Tooling Component™ product line was inspired by Rentapen’s customers’ need for dramatic reductions in the overall design, set-up, and operation costs of welding and other tooling fixtures. Rapid Tooling Components™ (RTC) reduce the design cost of the fixture by eliminating the need to design, detail and check similar parts over and over again.

 “We found that it was costing our customer $100 to design, check, cut, and create a block.  We realized we could do it cheaper.  With RAPid Tooling Components™, it now costs that customer about $37 for the same block and they don’t have to design and check it each time,” said Susan Straley, President and Owner of Rentapen.  “Our product line saves time in the design and build of product part holding fixtures.”

The new RAPid Blocks™ are RB11, RB12, RB16, & RB19 and can be downloaded for free on Rentapen’s website.  RAPid Blocks™ are standard yet versatile parts that are used with locating pins, rest pads, jig feet, and other parts in a weld fixture.

The new blocks are improvements to a now discontinued blocks; which was limited to only a 3/8 screw size.  These improvements allow the customer to use any screw size (1/2, 3/8, ¼, & 5/16) needed to complete the design of the weld fixture.

The RB11 & RB16 is designed with two drill and counter-bored holes used to screw the block to the plate and one press fit hole to hold a dowel.  In the front of the RB11 there is one round screw hole used for front and back shim adjustability.  The RB16 is designed the exact same way but with one large difference.  Instead of a round hole, it is designed with a slot for optimum side to side adjustability of up to ¼”.

The RB12 & RB19 is designed with three drill and counter-bored holes used to screw the block to the plate and two press fit holes to hold a dowels.

The RB12 and RB19 are designed to be longer, in order to locate other parts and to keep them square on the weld fixture.  Similar, to the design of the RB11, the RB12 has round screw holes used for shim adjustability in 3 directions of up to 1/8”.

RB12 has two oversized holes; located at each end of the block. To solidly hole the subassembly against the RB12 but still is able to allow adjustments in the side to side and up and down directions.  Rentapen created a weld fixture design lesson with slide show to explain better with images.

The RB19 is designed similar to the RB12 but it is designed with a two slots for additional side to side adjustability.

To provide their customers with the best price, Rentapen makes each RAPid Block™ when it is ordered. Keeping finished goods inventory costs low and passing on the savings to Rentapen’s customers.

Rentapen Inc., Weld Fixture Specialists is home of RAPid Tooling Components™ used in weld fixture design and build. Rentapen Inc, located in Waukesha, WI, has been providing machine tool design services to manufactures since 1976.  Rentapen is a Certified Woman Owned Business and home of RAPid Tooling Components™.


 Rentapen Inc’s CNC operating team goes the extra mile to deliver metric rest pads on time.

News-2011-12-07, Waukesha, WI

The Rentapen’s team is fast and accurate when it comes to getting their customer’s orders out.  Their employees will go the extra mile to make sure a customer is satisfied.  John Dinon is the CNC operator at Rentapen, and these past weeks he and his team have put in many hours of overtime to get a customer’s order finished on time.

An order came into Rentapen Inc. on October 17, 2011 for 219 metric rest pads similar to Misumi rest pads.  The due date was November 28, 2011. John Dinon, along with his shop team went straight to work to get the rest pads done correctly and on time.

Then the customer called four days before the order was to be shipped out and ordered 30 more rest pads.  The shipment date remained the same.  The CNC Operating team worked days, evenings, and even weekends on those metric rest pads. The order was shipped out on time and the customer was very satisfied.

"My best reward is when the customer sends us another order"

John Dinon has worked at Rentapen Inc for a little over a year now.  He was presented with Rentapen’s Extra Mile Award for his efforts in getting the order finished.  “The only reward I need is for the customer to give us another order,” said Dinon.



Dinon’s attitude and dedication to the customer’s needs is what is needed in the highly competitive machine tool industry.  Rentapen’s culture statement encourages ownership, drive, a positive attitude.

Rentapen Inc. is a machine design company specializing in cost reductions for manufacturers. They do this through excellence in machine design. They specialize in jig and weld fixture design; RAPid Tooling Components ™ (a line of standard yet versatile blocks, plates, clamp risers, and shims used to reduce the cost of jigs and weld fixtures); and Just-in-Time Laser Cutting Services ™.  Rentapen has been in business since 1976 and is located in Waukesha, WI.