Sales Double For Weld Fixture Tooling Components Company

Rentapen Inc. sees sales of weld and assembly fixture tooling components double.

About twelve years ago Rentapen’s engineering team realized they were designing the same blocks, plates, and shims over and over again. So Rentapen decided to develop a standardized yet versatile line of weld fixture tooling components, known as RAPid Tooling Components™. Rentapen’s RAPid Tooling Components™ can save manufacturing companies, like John Deere and Genesis Systems, time and money per fixture in design and build costs.

In the nine month period since January 2012, Rentapen’s sales of RAPid Tooling Components™ have increased 44 percent.
“Our distributor, E.L. Simeth, is telling us this is just the beginning. Manufacturers are discovering that our die sharpening shims cost less and arrive on time,” said Susan Straley, President and Queen of Lean Machine Design at Rentapen Inc.

RAPid RP02 Bronze

Rentapen has increased their customer base for RAPid Tooling Components™ adding three new customers in September. Rentapen’s factory has been so busy in the past couple months they have had to add a second shift for employees just to keep up. Also, Rentapen has been now seeking another employee that can help the shop team assemble, package, and ship their RAPid Tooling Components™, including their custom and standard metal shims and shim packs.

To go along with Rentapen’s mission to save manufacturers time and money, Rentapen introduced their new web app on March 15, 2012. 3D Models of their components are available for machine design engineers and CAD drafters to download and use in their 3D designs. Rentapen’s 3D CAD Models are for any fixture designer that wants to become more efficient when designing precision weld fixtures.

Rentapen’s increase in shim and tooling component sales are a result of an overall trend in Manufacturing in the Midwest. Manufacturers in the Midwest are growing in sales and investing in machine tooling.

“Manufacturing engineers are becoming aware of the time savings provided by our modular component system and the precision of the finished welded product that Rentapen offers to those engineers,” said Straley. “They are designing our products into their weld fixtures and jigs.”

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Susan Straley, aka Queen of Lean Machine Design, is the President of Rentapen Inc. in Waukesha, WI. She helps manufacturers reduce costs through excellence in 3d desing services, RAPid Tooling Components(TM), and Just-in-Time Laser Cutting Services(TM). Susan can be reached directly at 262-542-8891.

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